What could we do?

Full-fledged development of style and design and complex promotion in social networks: administration of page(s), target audience, competitor analysis and identification of strengths and weaknesses, formation of content plan for the entire period of cooperation, work with the audience, development of technical tasks for designers and copywriters, daily control of analytics and reporting

The main purpose of SMM promotion is to increase the awareness of your brand, greater interest in your product, constant communication with potential and existing customers. Thanks to social networks, you give your audience the opportunity to feel involved in your brand.

Here is an approximate price for our agency's SMM promotion services
For 1 social network
(1 social network, 9-12 publications per month)
from 240 EUR (month)
For 2 social networks
(2 social networks, 12-16 publications per month)
from 440 EUR (month)
For 3 social networks
(3 social networks, 16-20 publications per month, photo and video content processing + Facebook Ads campaign setup for free)
from 690 EUR (month)

Three reasons to choose us
We work with each client individually to help them reach new heights.
  • Quality
    A team of professionals, each of whom has worked in America, Europe or Japan, will not make you doubt the result.
  • Approach
    We can do it all. Read this and remember: no one but us will offer such a range of digital services and as many opportunities to scale as we do.
  • Motivation
    Money is not the main motivator for work. It doesn't mean that we haggle and knock down the price, but it does mean that we are ready and willing to absorb as large a segment of the IT market as possible (and we can do it).

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