Website development
What could we do?

What kind of websites do we design and develop? Any kind. We are ready to hear your idea and offer something that will solve your problem and fit your desire, but if you have already decided and know for sure, we offer development:

Which CMS
Are we use for dev and on which СMS we realize your projects
  • Wordpress
    The main CMS, on which you can make absolutely any website, whether it is a one-page site or an online store.
  • Bitrix
    The best system for overall integration and comprehensive functionality, has many modules and add-ons.
  • Tilda
    Development will be characterized by simplicity and speed, ideal for startups and online courses.
  • Drupal
    High cost and long development time will be compensated by maximum customization to your needs, individual feature set and absolute security.

Prices and development time
Here are the approximate terms and price for the services of our agency for the development of web sites
from 16 days
Business card
(quick and cheap)
from 450 EUR
from 24 days
Online store
(for those of you who are selling)
from 890 EUR
from 16 days
Landing Page
(works in conjunction with paid advertising, high conversion rate for a particular product)
from 390 EUR
from 28 days
Web Portal
(required for extensive business tasks or completely new ideas)
from 990 EUR
from 18 days
Catalog website
(great for firms starting their first online sales)
from 590 EUR
from 20 days
Corporate website
(optimal solution for businesses and companies with ambitions to be a market leader)
from 690 EUR
from 15 days
(updating the style, graphic appearance and structure of the site)
from 290 EUR

Three reasons to choose us
We work with each client individually to help them reach new heights.
  • Quality
    A team of professionals, each of whom has worked in America, Europe or Japan, will not make you doubt the result.
  • Approach
    We can do it all. Read this and remember: no one but us will offer such a range of digital services and as many opportunities to scale as we do.
  • Motivation
    Money is not the main motivator for work. It doesn't mean that we haggle and knock down the price, but it does mean that we are ready and willing to absorb as large a segment of the IT market as possible (and we can do it).

We've been working with
A small list of those who have entrusted us with the development of the site and not only.
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