What could we do?

Setting up Facebook Ads and launching full-fledged advertising campaigns, which includes: niche and competitor analysis, customer portraits, audience allocation to campaigns, geo-tuning and clustering, writing ad texts for search, preparing creatives and testing, daily monitoring of spending and optimization of advertising data campaigns.

Here is a sample price for the services of our agency for setting up and launching Facebook Ads
from 3 months
(up to 15 creatives, up to 40 ads, 1 advertising room)
from 260 EUR (month)
from 3 months
(up to 20 creatives, up to 50 ads, up to 2 advertising offices)
from 390 EUR (month)
from 3 months
(customized order according to your goals and objectives)
individually (month)

Three reasons to choose us
We work with each client individually to help them reach new heights.
  • Quality
    A team of professionals, each of whom has worked in America, Europe or Japan, will not make you doubt the result.
  • Approach
    We can do it all. Read this and remember: no one but us will offer such a range of digital services and as many opportunities to scale as we do.
  • Motivation
    Money is not the main motivator for work. It doesn't mean that we haggle and knock down the price, but it does mean that we are ready and willing to absorb as large a segment of the IT market as possible (and we can do it).

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