A step-by-step history
The company's founders took their first steps in the IT field as 1st year students and started Seologic corporation, which grew into one of the giants in the digital environment within a couple of years.
The company already employs more than 20 people and has completed projects for the Baltics, Poland, the Czech Republic, America and Germany. Expansion into more markets is being planned and prepared.
An office opens in Estonia, and with it a new company, United Stream OÜ, which is successfully operating and developing.
As of this year, every professional has the right to choose whether to work as a full-time employee or to work as an individual entrepreneur.
In this way, we improve the performance and quality of our services through motivation and the possibility of working from Africa, with the employee's actions being monitored in the automated CRM system.
UAB Simple IT, a fully "pure" Lithuanian IT company, is bought and formed, opening the door for more experienced professionals and a new undeveloped market to develop and grow.
There are plans to open a company and office in Latvia, and only more to come...
Professional website development:
We have developed websites for such giants as I-Store and Penki Kontinentai.
We work with major CMS systems and integrate analytics and CRM.
More than 150 projects completed on time according to specifications.
A staff of specialists can solve any problem and task related to development.
What does promotion
consist of?
  • SEO-optimization
    Optimization of the site for the necessary queries, work with content, link profile, technical optimization. Then the site will be at the top of the output organically and bring traffic for free. Long-term work and "delayed" result.
  • Google Ads & Yandex.Direct
    Quick start, always at the top of the search results, the fee is only for the click and the transition to your site. Key words are selected, ads are created and ads are launched based on your budget.
  • SMM
    Creating a content plan, forming the frequency of posts, adapting the design and overall style of the account. Attracting potential customers through social networks Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin.
  • Targeting
    The essence of targeted advertising is that for each post a separate audience is formed based on demographics, age, etc., tests are run, and the best tested creatives are selected. Then the client pays for displays of this post or for clicks and conversions.
  • Email-marketing
    We gather a database of potential customers and form a plan for sending messages. We create a letter template, design and content depending on your preferences and goals. Then we send out the letters according to the mailing plan and you get a response via email.
  • Full marketing cycle
    The whole range of services to promote your site and social networks, full support for the resource, the ability to discuss options for promotion that are not represented in the list. This is mainly SEO + Google Ads + SMM.
To form the final cost for a particular service, you need to familiarize yourself with the original resource and get basic input data from the client, approximately see prices for services can be found in the section "Prices".
The site hasn't started selling?
Do you think that your site works without any errors? Send an application right now and get a short site audit with an explanation of the main problems.
Read our projects and cases here.
  • "The job was to create websites BS/2 and CashManagmentIQ. The work on site development and promotion strategy was done on time and according to the terms of reference, thank you."
    Idrak Dadashov
    CEO in Penki Kontinentai
  • "Our site was not generating any applications or calls. Simple IT specialists quickly solved the problem, did a redesign, offered solutions against spam and for data security, now the site generates half of the total number of requests."
    Roman Shehter
    CEO in Andumpark Limited
  • "Sales have increased 2 times since the start of work, the performers are responsible and are always in contact, which can not please anyone. Thanks."
    Ivan Avdeev
    Head of the Conte Internet Marketing Department
  • "It's nice to see a young but experienced company on the market. They pointed out problems that we didn't even know about, they didn't take any additional fees for improvements, it was nice to work."
    Michail Chetvertak
    CEO in PW Group
  • "We have been cooperating for a 1,5 year, during this time both resources have become the main source of applications and traffic. I really liked that the work was carried out, not as usual it is carried out in SEO companies, the guys are in touch, the reports were sent quickly."
    Kirill Dufailo
    CEO in Sovsys and TKC
  • "We took a package of Google & Facebook Ads, the offer was made under our budget, were very flexible. You need to add something, they will quickly add it, launch it - they will launch it. Thank you so much for your work."
    Alexey Aivin
    Head of Marketing Department Avtohelpmotors
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