Principles of work
Simple IT

We work with people
We act and behave like people.
  • We strive to make Digital in Lithuania and the Baltics more healthy, honest and transparent, to raise awareness of business about the possibilities of Internet marketing, so our experts advise you, tell you what works and does not work, what is changing in the field of Digital, to make it easier, not harder to interact with us.
  • We do not consider the client "dumb" and do not treat him as a "bag", which, because of his lack of understanding of the issue can be tricked into money, making a non-existent or useless service.
  • We don't work with "business people" who think that when you work with Digital there will be an every-second result that will give the bulk of the company's profits. We don't customize your business or introduce new models or products to the market, we just give you a new opportunity that will increase "ON, not IN" percentage of applications and customers.
  • We don't do "for free" to "see how it goes," we don't need experience or an internship, we are qualified enough to work on large projects.
Values and principles
  • We don't promise what we can't do.
  • The long-term goal of each project is the payback of agency services for the client's business.
  • We don't make "accurate" predictions of traffic or conversions.
  • Taking care of employees and customers.
  • We show our clients everything that is being done on the project.
  • Every job has an end goal.
What we certainly don't do
Completely accurate, 146% accurate.
  • No connection
    If the client can't read the CP himself or his secretary calls us to "pass everything on later," it's not up to us. "Do as you see fit, you're professionals" is also not for us.
  • Waste work
    "I want to be at the top, why, I do not know, I want to be at the top the day before yesterday. Great, that's not for us, we do not respond to such requests and do not send controls.
  • Discounts
    If there are no specific articles and information on discounts on the site, there are none. The haggling and price cutting is done by "merchants" and re-buyers of used cars in the USA. You are not a salesman, are you?
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