Simple IT Guarantees

We guarantee WHAT we will do, WHEN and HOW. Payment for work is measured in euros, with no additional costs. All traffic, leads attracted and sales from them all belong to the client.
Our goals
There are only two
  • Bring revenue to the client
  • Recoup the cost of your services
How do we achieve them?
  • Analysis of the situation at the moment
    We penetrate the client's business: identify potential users, study the topic, ask questions, analyze the site: usability and technical part, customer behavior, work that has been done before.
  • Flexibility
    Every 3 months we change the plan and strategy. Based on the results and changes in search engine algorithms and social networks.
  • Strategy planning
    The plan includes: a list of work, start and finish, and an estimated volume of TH (read the "Prices" page).
  • "White" promotion methods
    We do not use bots to inflate visits and increase the ranking "in a week". Only the maximum result in a normal time (not faster, because it is impossible without consequences, but also not slower).
  • Transparency and accountability
    In time to get in touch, provide reports and contracts, acts of work performed.
  • Integrity
    Beginning with the telephone encounter, we tell it like it is. In the beginning, we assess the situation truthfully. As we move forward, we say why a process is necessary, we recommend something that will improve the business.
"No results," "Nothing changes," "What do I do if there are no results?"
It doesn't work that way. The result is always there. For example, for a certain query, the page of the site did not appear in the search, and now it is on the fourth page of the output. Next, our task is to bring the site to the first page for major queries.
As long as we are not satisfied with the result, we ask questions and determine the work together. With each client we are set up for long-term and productive work. We will do everything we can to make you earn more. Leave an application on the form and we will discuss your project.
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