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It is advisable to read this page carefully in its entirety. It will help us to have a dialogue in the future.
What are the prices of our services?
The price stacks up more than clear and transparently:
one "tamplehour (TH)" of a specialist costs
20 euros
What is "tamplehour"? It is a unit of time spent on a particular job. That is, a conventional audit of a small site according to our calculations takes 15 tamplehours.
In simple words, this is the time for which this work must be done.
For example, if you buy 15 tamplehours a month from us, that will be enough to get an audit of a small company's corporate website.
If you buy 40 tamplehours, you will get an audit, a semantic core for the site and a ready promotion strategy.

Approximate prices
from 300 euros
SEO. For 15 TH, we recommend taking 40 TH/month.
from 280 euros
Google Ads. For 14 TH in most cases it takes 25-30 TH to run a full campaign.
from 360 euros
Facebook Ads. For 18 TH (up to 15 creatives, 40 ads in 1 cabinet)
from 1000 euros
Comprehensive promotion. For 50 TH/month (guide, promotion plan, consultation and 3 lead generation channels)
Website development
Price for turnkey website development on CMS Tilda
  • Landing page
    Cost of creating a personal account (2 TH) + Payment for hosting and tariff plan Tilda (individually, from 120 euros) + Preparing a layout of the site (5 TH) + Implementation, content (5 TH) + Edits (individually) = from 360 euros
  • Site business card (up to 10 pages).
    Cost of creating a personal account (2 TH) + Payment for hosting and tariff plan Tilda (individually, from 120 euros) + Preparing a layout of the site (10 TH) + Implementation, content (5 TH + 1TH per page (at least 5 pages)) + Edits (individually) = from 460 euros
I don't understand...
What is the idea and what are the benefits?
  • I'm used to working on the "rate for SEO" and "rate for 30 keywords Google Ads"
Then we feel sorry for you, because this methodology is more typical for conveyors, which work according to the logic of "take more, do what we have time to do, and if we do not have time, we create the appearance of work". You pay not for the "rate" and not for the "amount", but for the quality of time worked by our experts, who will devote themselves to your project within the limits of paid hours. The range of services provided by other agencies in the "rates" and "packages" can not be implemented and performed in full for such money (believe me, each of us came out of the agency, we personally know how it works).
  • And what's the advantage? Tell me how much I owe for individual jobs, come to our office, and we'll talk for four hours about the kind of business I have.
That's the right thing to do. Every self-respecting company-executor as much as possible respects not the customer who has an interesting life or fishing on weekends, but the one who is ready to work and pay without delays, says on the fact, what and how to do, goes into the work process and helps to achieve high results. That is, we respect those who are interested in what happens with the site and with social networks of the company, at least indirectly. It also saves both us and you time, pay per hour means that each call and each consultation takes 15 minutes or even 4 hours, which can be spent on achieving the goal. We will take unnecessary questions, sitting in the office, arguments and tea-parties out of communication, because usually the customer believes that our manager or specialist can spend hours talking about everything in the world, while being present in person. This is how we are taken seriously.
  • Can I know at least an approximate price for the services? Could I buy 20 hours for 3 months?
The price for SEO starts from 300 EUR. This is enough to pay for 15 tamplehours. During this time by the end of the first month a full detailed audit of all website parameters affecting internally and externally on search engine ranking, and start taking measures to improve the factors affecting extradition before they are no longer relevant. It simply doesn't make sense to work with less speed, so we do not take projects with smaller budgets, 10 hours for 5 months is a headache for us and no result for you.
  • I've seen the price cheaper, it comes out a lot, I don't think this job is worth that much, why is it so expensive?
Then we can congratulate you, even though it's not our way, you just got this page up in the search engines because you've spent enough time on the site reading this : )
And no kidding, we don't see how we can give comparable results to our work in a meaningfully cheaper way.
We have already optimized our work to remove all the "unnecessary" costs. We also do not believe in miracles, but we believe that it is possible to make significantly cheaper only significantly worse in quality. A simple example: you can make an audit cheaper? Sure. For example: skip some items, do not involve professionals, replace it with automated service unloading. Will it lead to achieving your goals with less budget? You tell me.
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