Google Ads


What could we do?

Setting up Google Ads and launching full-fledged advertising campaigns, which includes:

  • Niche and competitor analysis
  • Adjustment to a non-competitive market
  • Drawing up client portraits
  • Collecting the semantic core, compiling a coverage map
  • Cross-backing keywords
  • Writing ad texts for search
  • Writing headings and texts of ads for the GCM. Compilation of quick links and clarifications
  • Advertising development
  • Daily monitoring of spending and optimization of data advertising campaigns

Here is an example price for services for setting up and launching Google Ads (the budget for an advertising campaign must be at least 500 EUR)

from 3 months

Mini (up to 500 requests, up to 100 ads)

from 190 EUR (month)
from 3 months

Standart (up to 1000 requests, up to 300 ads)

from 390 EUR (month)
from 3 months

Business (individual order according to your goals and objectives)

individual (month)

Three reasons to choose us

We work with each client individually to help him reach new heights.

  • Quality

    A team of professionals, each of whom worked in America, Europe or Japan, will not make you doubt the result.

  • Approach

    We can do everything. Read this and remember: no one, only us will offer such amount of services in digital and so many opportunities to scale as we do.

  • Motivation

    Money is not the main motivator for work. This does not mean that we are bargaining and bringing down the price, but it means that we are ready and want to absorb the entire market of the Baltic countries, and then the whole Europe (and we can do it).

Our partners
A small list of companies that have entrusted us with the Google Ads launching and not only.
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