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What could we do?

Which websites do we create and develop? We are ready to hear your idea and offer something that will solve exactly your problem and will meet your desire, but if you have already decided and know for sure, then we offer you the development of:

  • Business card site
  • E-commerce site
  • Landing Page
  • Web portal
  • Site catalog
  • Corporate site
  • Redesign

Prices and development time

Here are the approximate time and prices for services of website development

from 16 days
Business card site (quick and cheap)
from 450 EUR
from 24 days
E-commerce site (for sales and products)
from 890 EUR
from 16 days

Landing Page (works in conjunction with paid advertising, high conversion for a specific product)

from 390 EUR
from 28 days

Web portal (necessary for voluminous business tasks or completely new ideas, startup implementation)

from 990 EUR
from 18 days

Site catalog (perfect for companies starting their first online sales)

from 590 EUR
from 20 days

Corporate site (the optimal solution for businesses and companies with ambitions to be the market leader)

from 690 EUR
from 15 days

Redesign (updating the style, graphical appearance and structure of the site)

from 290 EUR

Three reasons to choose us

We work with each client individually to help him reach new heights.

  • Quality

    A team of professionals, each of whom worked in America, Europe or Japan, will not make you doubt the result.

  • Approach

    We can do everything. Read this and remember: no one, only us will offer such amount of services in digital and so many opportunities to scale as we do.

  • Motivation

    Money is not the main motivator for work. This does not mean that we are bargaining and bringing down the price, but it means that we are ready and want to absorb the entire market of the Baltic countries, and then the whole Europe (and we can do it).

Our partners

A small list of companies that have entrusted us with the development of the site and not only.

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